The City Where Fairytales are made real

Ciudad de la Luz is the most modern Film Studio in Europe: an industrial complex that has highly advanced audiovisual production services at its disposal and which has all the facilities and installations necessary for the various stages of the development of cinematographic and audiovisual productions.

  • Filming Outdoors
  • Filming On-Set
  • Filming Underwater
  • Editing and Post-Production

Ciudad de la Luz is also an important generator of renewed economic benefits for the Valencian Community. The direct economic impact on the Valencian Community of the 19 audiovisual projects produced at the Industrial Audiovisual Complex between 2005 and the end of last year (2007) reaches a total figure of 69.5 million Euros. On the completion of these film projects, 1,107 contracts have been signed with Valencian businesses to date, 108,710 overnight stays reserved in Alicante hotels, 1,220 Valencian technicians employed and 36,731 "extra" sessions required.

Film Services

Ciudad de la Luz boasts large zones for the filming of cinema, television and advertisments which are all equipped with modern, state of the art services in order to meet the needs of the national and international market.

At its disposal, there are:

  • 6 Film Sets: interconnected in pairs and with a total area of 11,100m2, the set buildings are independent, soundproofed structures with air conditioning. Each pair of sets has a separate annex building providing production support services.
  • 3 Production Support Buildings: in these buildings you will find the dressing rooms, hair and make-up rooms, warehouses for wardrobe, set design and props, meeting rooms, bathrooms and showers, etc.
  • 1 Warehouse and Workshop Building: The building measures a total of 10,050 m2 and is divided into various zones allocated to the construction of sets, their assembly and storage, the creation of special effects, storage of lighting and camera equippment, wardrobe...
  • 2 Back Lots: outdoor filming areas of 4.2 and 7.8 hectares respectively, with natural horizon and equipped with electricity supply, water supply and fibre optics.
  • Film Pit: located in one of the back lots and measuring 100m x 80m, it also has a blue screen installed on one of the sides.
  • Water Zones: this is one of the factors that distinguishes this complex from other production centres worldwide.
  • Auxiliary Post-Production Services relating to sound, assembly and mixing, including projection rooms with advanced technology.
  • Restaurant Building: 1,913 m2 and with a peak capacity of 600 diners per hour
  • Deluxe Film Development Laboratory
  • Ciudad de la Luz Study Center, a training centre with an eminently practical focus, which offers a degree in Audiovisual Communication, as well as other courses related to the audiovisual world.